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Design at Work

Comfortable, well-ventilated and well-lit, safe workplaces increase productivity and job satisfaction significantly, while reducing absenteeism.   Studies point out several overarching principles in workplace productivity maximization: Quiet spaces are more conducive to completing tasks, privacy increases employee comfort and ease, customization in workplace environment increases job satisfaction and productivity.

Let there be light

While access to natural light is the best boost to productivity, thoughtfully placed task and environmental lighting effectively raise productivity
to near natural light levels. 

Quiet, please

The more an individual multitasks, the more susceptible they are to interruptions. Furthermore, habitual multitaskers take more time to recover
from distractions. It is important to integrate quiet work spaces into your office design. Giving employees an option to work in a quiet, interruption-free area will allow them to maintain focus when it’s crunch time.

Give me some space

Open planning and low partitions encourage collaboration and the sharing of ideas among employees while closed private spaces provide an
area for concentration and privacy when needed. 
A highly functional and productive office space will incorporate both.

Different Strokes

Providing staff with adjustable desks, options for lighting and temperature control, and variety in work rooms increases job satisfaction and team cohesion. Variations in work rooms can include private offices, conference rooms of different sizes, and collaborative tables.

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