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As Builts

Drawings that reflect the current condition of a building or space prior to renovation or build out. As-built drawings provide a big picture look at the space before design planning commences, allowing careful consideration of long term solutions to current problems or inefficiencies.

Space Planning

Interview and review space requirements with potential tenants or business owners  to understand how their business works most efficiently and create a space plan showing offices, cubicles, conference rooms, etc.

Finish Selections

Create optimal color schemes to represent company image, select all materials and finishes including flooring, wall finishes, ceiling design and materials, lighting selections, millwork finishes, furniture selection and other materials.

Project Supervision
Stacking Plans

A two-dimensional representation of a building showing the general shape of the building and the space availability and tenants on each floor (showing tenant names, suite numbers & area calculations based on BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) standards.

Design Development

Design key areas such as reception, conference, communal and workspace configuration to portray the company image in the most effective way through layout, millwork design, interior/architectural elements.

Construction Drawings

Prepare sophisticated, comprehensive construction drawings which incorporate all design elements in one plan to use for bidding and construction.

Color Photoshop Drawings

Timely visits to the construction site ensure that work is completed properly. An ongoing review of work with vendors guarantee that the best results are standard operating procedure at Designworks.

Sophisticated color plans illustrate finishes and design elements to enhance marketing materials for clients with office space or apartments for rent.

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